2012 Championship Results

Philadelphia City Championships

Novice Single: GOLD

Novice Double: SILVER 

Varsity Quad: BRONZE

Doc White Regatta

 Novice Single: Third

 Novice Double: Second

 SRAA Nationals 

 Varsity Quad: BRONZE



2012 Crew with Coaches at SRAA NationalsSeniors with Coach after their Varsity 4X Bronze Medal Win at SRAA Nationals!












May 6, 2102: Philadelphia City Championships


April 1, 2012: 3rd Manny Flick

Sacred Heart launched four boats in the 3rd Manny Flick, earning two first-place finishes. See Main Line Times complete wrap-up and photos: http://www.mainlinemedianews.com/articles/2012/04/03/sports/doc4f747327d9ad0159728574.txt





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